Regular Standing Deer Decoy Robotic Head & Tail

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The standing whitetail deer is the most popular product we create. Weighing in at only 22 pounds, it is extremely easy to transport and set up while being very durable. The antlers are removable so the decoy can be used as a doe or buck. Deer decoys come standard with a metal gear servo head and metal servo horn providing non-stripping strength under extremely cold conditions or if someone were to try and spin the head manually.  The deer head will turn approx. 90- 100 degrees, increased rotation servo motors providing approximately 180 degree movement of the head are available for an additional charge.  The regular whitetail deer decoy simulates a 140 pound looking deer.   For the most realistic deer decoy ever, try adding robotic ears or a stomping front leg to your mount., feel free to contact us for video footage of this amazing decoy.  Robotic ears are an additional $595 and the addition of a stomping leg is $450.

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