Robotic Commercial Displays Robotic Decoys

Throughout our 25 years of experience in the robotic wildlife business, Custom Robotic Wildlife has found a niche in a specialized market. Our Taxidermy mounts are enhanced with movements that bring them to life. Mounts have been proven to increase customer traffic flow to targeted areas of retail stores and increased exposure at trade shows and expos for a number of companies such as; landscapers, RV companies, camping and outdoor supply companies.

Over the years we have done many displays for museums, casinos, malls, nature centers, window displays and Christmas parades all over the United States and Canada. Mounts can be preprogrammed to run a continuous loop program tailored to suit your needs or set up on motion detection sensors to move on demand. Sound cards are available to enable customers to record a message or animal sounds or talk to the customer.

Each animal is unique and can be mounted on a free standing base or customized to fit into your existing diorama. We offer a multi month leasing option or can create the image you are looking for to fit your price range.

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