Robotic Decoys For Law Enforcements

Poachers take wildlife anytime, anywhere and all over the world. They do so in the most unsportsmanlike methods. It is difficult, if not nearly impossible, to get a wild animal, a poacher and a law enforcement officer at the same location at the same time . . . but at Custom Robotic Wildlife, Inc. we have eliminated that problem.

Custom Robotic Wildlife, Inc. has been the pioneer in building law enforcement decoys for officers throughout the United States, Canada and the world. By incorporating a Custom Robotic Wildlife decoy, officers can act on the tips they receive from land owners of possible poaching activity, set up and work that targeted area in an effort to apprehend the violator in the act.

Officer Dan Tourtellotte from Maine says: “By using Custom Robotic Wildlife’s decoys we are able to put the officer, the violator and the resource in the same place at the same time. That is the perfect situation for making an apprehension.”

At Custom Robotic Wildlife, we have been working closely with law enforcement agencies to create products that “safely” and effectively help them in the war against poaching. With over 30 years of dedication to helping officers and non-profit wildlife groups curb road hunting.   We are the original creators of robotic wildlife and have stood beside officers to create products they can use.  

Chris Simmons from the Maine Warden Service says: “For those who don’t think poaching is a problem in our country, boy are they wrong! I’m glad we have a guy like Brian - here’s a man right here that has definitely done more for catching the poacher than a lot of game wardens have themselves.”

Our deer decoys are by far the most popular product - from the original head and tail movement to the “stomper,” add moving ears or a swivel base to really bring the mount alive.  How about reflective road eyes and now the “deuce” that will actually lift its tail and poop . . . we continually strive to make new and innovative products to make your job easier and our decoys more effective.

All of our mounts are professionally skinned, preserved and mounted on light weight forms. Your satisfaction is our reward.

Eddie Benally of the Navio Nation Game Warden service says: “If there’s something out there that moves and walks on four legs, Brian can make it. With a decoy in front of you, you can video tape it and actually see the incident happen.”

Custom Robotic Wildlife’s 30 plus years of experience, listening to what officers need in their particular area, set our company apart in the fight against poaching. We are constantly working to improve our products and enhance them to fit your specific need. We take great pride in partnering with officers to stop the poaching problems throughout the United States and around the world.

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  • Regular Deer (Moving Head, Ears & Tail)
  • Laying Deer (Moving Head & Tail)
  • Stomper Deer (Moving Head, Tail & Leg)
  • Strutting Turkey (Standard Mount)
  • Strutting Turkey (Moving Tail Fan)