Robotic Decoys On Target Motion Systems

Specializing in custom built track systems and rotary bases for indoor archery clubs and 3-D competition shooting events. On Target Motion Systems is moving into the archery target world by offering a new challenge to archery shooters.

Our product line of track systems and swivel bases will greatly increase the degree of difficulty in target shooting by adding the element of movement. Archers will now be offered shots at a walking target that passes obstacles along its path forcing the shooter to anticipate and adjust to changing situations, much like hunting a live animal in the woods.

The systems can be set up and run with a limited number of preprogrammed choices or with a touch screen system that offers a wide range of programming options. Pricing will vary with the options and length of system purchased. Price quotes and demos are available by contacting On Target Motion Systems.

The On Target systems offer archers a variety of shots at a moving target at different angles providing a true to life hutning scenario. The track and swivel can be combined for use in narrow indoor shooting lanes.. the target can be programmed to travel down the track, turn broadside at a designated yardage, pause for a set amount of time to allow a shot and then turn and travel to the next yardage point.

A variety of targets can easily be mounted to the bases and tracks... programs can be written to tailor the motion of the targets to your specific needs. Both the track and swivel are constructed out of durable aluminum with protective cases for the motor and control board. Systems are mainly used indoors, but outdoor systems with weather drip proof housings are available as well.

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