Robotic Decoys Hunting Decoys

For over 25 years Custom Robotic Wildlife has been creating decoys to assist law enforcement officer to catch poachers…In that time we have been asked and pursued by hunters to create “Hunting” decoys. Over the years, we have teamed up with a number of professional hunters, Gary Clancy, Steve Bartyalla, Judd Conney and more. They have found that the robotic head in our decoy system is a key to bringing deer into range. Custom Robotic Wildlife is the ultimate in realism and movement. With a flip of the remote control, the hunter is able to move the head, tail of leg of the decoy on command.

Gary Clancy, author of book “Rattling, Calling and Decoying” – “I’ve used Brian’s decoys extensively for many years and I’ve only had one buck that did not commit after I moved the decoys head. For whatever reason, I’ve found that slowly swiveling the head is much more effective than flicking the decoys tail.”

With any type of decoy, hunters need to prioritize location and positioning as well as scent control of themselves and the decoy for optimum results. The addition of movement in decoys has proven to bring more animals into range. When properly used robotic decoys will focus the attention of the approaching animal onto the decoy and away from the hunter, making executing an accurate shot much easier.

Our decoys are created using actual hides. The wireless hand held radio controllers run off of “AA” batteries and operate the decoys up to an 1/8th of mile away. We are excited to offer swivel base products for turkey and predator hunters using a rabbit mount on the base, providing a visually stimulating decoy to attract the prey you are hunting.

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  • Regular Deer (Moving Head & Tail)
  • Laying Deer (Moving Head & Tail)
  • Stomper Deer (Moving Head, Tail & Leg)
  • Strutting Turkey (Standard Mount)
  • Strutting Turkey (Moving Tail Fan)
  • Hen Turkey (Standard Mount)
  • Rabbit (Standard Mount)
  • Fawn (Standard Mount)
  • Remote Controlled Swivel Base
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